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AllPosters is dedicated to bringing customers the best selection of posters and art prints in the world. Our range of hundreds of thousands of posters and art prints, combined with our framing and mounting services and 100% satisfaction guarantee, make it simple and safe for customers to find a selection that is perfect for their home, apartment, or office.

An upset Canadian consumer shared in a review "As a Canadian costumer AllPosters service was TERRIBLE. The website comes off as very reputable at first but it is NOTHING of this sort. The prices seemed very cheap at first (as i thought) but once you get to shipping and all the bs on the site it really adds up to more then you think (+all being in USD) I ordered 10 posters and received the first poster (1/10) as its own package, Along with an UNANNOUNCED 25 dollar duty fee just for 1 poster... I contacted their costumer service and they had no explanation for this, so i asked the costumer service associate to cancel the rest of my order as he "didn't know if the rest of the posters would come with such duty fees". He said 5 out of the 10 had already been shipped and were unable to be cancelled... the other 4, i was luckily able to cancel. After the longest time of waiting and tracking my order from the app they provide, i see today that my order is being SENT BACK to the shipper... Are you kidding? At this point I'm completely fed up with these people. I contact the terrible costumer service again today, and they tell me some bs as always, and ask AGAIN if i want to keep the order... oh please just end it all. I 'm just waiting for my refund. A SCAM. DONT FALL FOR IT!"


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Leadership does not seem to have a strategy to grow the business or add value. The business appears to be doing worse and worse each year. Increased competition from all over - Amazon, Etsy, etc. A recent acquisition of another company ended in public lawsuits and a federal investigation and indictment of team members of the acquired company. Heavy leadership turnover. Hard to change momentum - everything seems downward."


"I have been working at Cons: There are so many. First off, read the reviews you see here very carefully. Those that come from the NC or OH locations are likely to be very positive, and that's a testament to the leadership of the CSS and Logistics staff. They are excellent, and deserve such reviews, but theirs is a different universe; unless you're applying for a warehouse job or phone support job, disregard them. If you're looking at any position based out of the corporate headquarters in Emeryville, walk away now. C-level leadership is truly abhorrent here. Shockingly so. The entire C-level team has been in place for over a decade. All 50-year old men (makes so much sense for a company with a vastly female customer base). HR exists only to serve the autocrat CEO, who is a certifiable narcissist. A network of former employees actually get together as a support group to share their horror stories and aid in each other's recovery after having survived years of working with him. The technology here is so behind the times it's laughable. The sites might as well be duct-taped together at this point. Go shopping on and see for yourself. Duct. Tape. The company – literally, an e-commerce company in the 21st Century – actually waited until 2015 to MARGINALLY invest in a social media marketing strategy. They've been without a CMO or even a marketing VP for over a year now and seem shockingly unconcerned. Who's driving the marketing business? Hmm... I bet you can figure it out. There's no strategy at all. Really – none. Some time in Q3, the CEO will look at the most successful "thing" a competitor has done "lately" and then the whole company will have to scramble to replicate it before the end of the fiscal year. There is no vision, nothing inspiring anyone, and all the effort and energy put into a rebrand a few years ago has now fizzled or been squandered away. The people who generated that momentum have all been canned for not contributing enough to the bottom line with their silly creative social things, or read the writing on the wall and packed up and left. Really, just don't. And if for some reason you still do, then don't ever, ever, go to HR about anything. They are not your friend. You've been warned."

Carlos Matias says

"Made a pretty decent size order (>$150) and was not happy with the fact that I had to pay $25 shipping on top of that - but decided to go ahead anyway - I am in Canada and ordered through When my package was to arrive - discovered that on top of shipping, I was required to pay over $25 in duty as well. So for a $150 order, paying $50 in shipping and Duty - not a good ratio. Checked their Terms and Conditions and there is no mention of Duty fees to Canada. Tried a dummy order just to see if there is a mention of this anywhere and nothing. Reached out to their customer service and they had nothing to say. Other than you can refuse the package and send it back. Unfortunately can't find all of these items on other sites, otherwise I would. No more orders from from me!"

tracy says

"Their customer service don't care if the items you ordered are processed or not. It took more than 60 days not to receive my order but for Allposters to cancel my order without any notice. Allposters don't have any intensions to solve the problems. I would not recommend Allposters to my family and friends. Of course, I would not shop from Allposters ever again. I would rather spend my money on whomever appreciates the business."

Baller For Life says

"Bought a poster and it took way longer than expected. When I received it, it was destroyed! When I received the replacement, it was worst. Very bad experience. Both posters were in a really bad condition."

John Murray says

"Ordered a movie poster (unframed) and received an email that my poster will arrive on the 8th, I called on the 10th and I'm told that my poster hasn't even been ordered from the supplier yet. It's a gift for a birthday this weekend and since I doubt I get it in time, I'll have to pick up something else. Never again will I use All Posters"

Lynda Pires says

"My delivery is so late and customer service is impossible to reach. The tracking link doesn't work. And it feels like they email me several times a day with offers. A tip: you will grow your business faster with timely customer service than tons of email spam. BTW: I have been on the phone queue for 10 minutes even though I am in #1 on the wait line. Like I said never again unless they make this right."

Lakisha Weaver says

"If I could give this company no stars I would. The measurements provided online are misleading. I received a print that was too small and crooked. When I complained they said it was part of the design and the whit border was a part of the measurements. They also will not honor their return policy. You are financially responsible To return their shoddy prints. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY."

Jena Rizziello says

"I ordered a framed poster as a birthday gift yesterday and i paid extra for the 2 day shipping so as i could at least have it by Friday. So i called today and I'm being told that i wont get my product until July 7th even though I paid extra for 2 day shipping. The employee was rude and said that I couldn't have 2 day shipping until after the product is made, then it could be shipped out in 2 days. So long long does it take to print a frigging poster!!! And why offer 2 day shipping if it can't be done? False advertising at it's best!!!!"

Felicity Mazur says

"Zero stars! Stole my $61 Never sent my item, been over two months and they don’t respond on any website... dodgy company. Thieves!!!"

Kellie says

"These guys absolutely SUCK! Ordered several items only to wait 2 months before finding out several were cancelled due to a lack of inventory. Seriously, if you can't even track an inventory of freaking posters, I don't know how you are in business! Never again! Amazon will get my business from now on. I may pay a little more, but I will get what I ordered and in a timely manner."

Magenta says

"So I ordered two prints, they are nice and are all hung up. Then 2 months later I get a bill from FedX!! I don't believe they mention anywhere that I would be paying extra once they arrived,as far as I know I paid the shipping and handling, and why didn't they require the money when they left it at my door step? Also the bill is from which they got the posters from I guess??"

charles says

"Ordered a giclee print from Poster arrived in a timely manner but the USPS delivered it to my garage door rather that the sidewalk leading to my house. I left for work and backed over the package which crumbled the print. Oh, the print, I felt was very poor quality, dull colors and a print that looked like it was somehow out of focus. I could have gone to Spencer's and bought a quality poster for a third of what I paid for this."

Nsnnd Nnn says

"I got my posters in but it took way longer than expected I’d recommend just to use another site."

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